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If you have lost data from your hard disk drive, or if it has stopped working, or making loud noises, we can help. We are able to recover data in most scenarios and if we can’t do it, then as always a no fix, no fee policy applies.
No only do we provide a full data recovery and backup service, we can also advise and help implement a backup service through very easy methods using cloud technology. Not only is this extremely easy to use it can be free depending on the volume of storage you require.

Recovering deleted files.

If you have deleted files from your hard drive or SSD and they are not in the recycle bin then we can usually recover them so long as no further data gets written to the drive. With SSD speed is of the essence as modern SSD drives use a feature called ‘TRIM’ that erases the space where the files were stored. This is also done very quickly, so power off your computer at the mains.

Missing files

If you open your folders to find all your data missing, we can help there too. We use our proprietary software and data recovery techniques, writing our own software enables us to modify parameters to suit the the work need to recover missing files or files that are even showing as 0 bytes. Such as PST files or Exchange server files where the system has powered off unexpectedly.

Formatted hard drive

Formatted your hard drive or SSD. Accidentally formatting the wrong drive can be catastrophic, however we have proprietary software to help recover your data.

Computer hanging or wont start

If your computer is giving a blue screen when starting up, or hanging when you open a folder then the chances are that the drive media is failing, in the case of conventional hard drives this can be caused by bad sectors indicating imminent media failure.  We have tools that enable us to work around the bad areas and recover as much data as is possible if your hard drive has bad sectors.

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