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Remote IT support is perfect for both residential and business customers who don’t wish to commit to a monthly support contract. Our remote support service offers a quick fix for day to day computer problems. As long as your computer can get online, we should be able to fix your PC remotely, securely and quickly. You can even book a time that’s most convenient for you!


No call out fee, no hidden costs, just friendly expert service.

The service starts at just £15 for a single session and if we can’t fix the issue remotely or the problem needs a visit, the remote session won’t be billed. If we are unable to fix the issue then as always there is a no fix, no fee policy. Satisfaction guaranteed!


Using our remote support software, we can:

  • Access a specific desktop or laptop
  • Manage files on your desktops or laptops
  • Update software
  • Run diagnostic and maintenance programs
  • Train end users on new software

This list covers only a few of the many ways remote IT services can benefit you. Get in touch on 01263 340007 to see how we can help.

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